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How ‘Online Lessons’ Work
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1. Smart Phone or iPad:  Once you’ve decided on an “Online Video Lesson”, you will download the V1 Golf or Golf Plus app to your Smart Phone or iPad (information and ‘helpful links’ regarding V1 Golf apps are below). 


2. What You Will Need:   After you have acquired “What You Will Need” (see list below), you are ready to record the necessary video footage following the “Video Requirements” (see “Video Requirements” below). 


3. Payment:  You can make payment in the “Payment” section below by using a debit or credit card.  An option of payment through Venmo is also available. (see “Paying with Venmo” section, below).  


4. Recording and Sending:  Time to record and send me your video footage through the V1 Golf or Golf Plus app (see ‘Record’  in the “Video Requirement” section below).

5. Notification and Confirmation:   After sending the video footage to Chris Johnston Golf, you will “Notify” me by text @ 646-423-2661 informing that you sent me video for an ‘Online Lesson,’ while ‘Confirming’ that Payment has been made.

Note:  Within 1 to 3 days, I will send you back my Video Voice Over analysis, along with my demonstration of the necessary ‘drills’ and ‘training’ exercises for you to work on. In some cases I will also recommend an appropriate training tool for you to purchase ‘online’.



Please call 646-423-2661 for a necessary 'Student Information' consultation 

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What You Will Need 

At this present time (April 1st), the only location you will be able to video from will be your home. This could be your backyard, front of the house or even in your garage or basement.  Keep in mind that the quality of the video will depend on lighting. Outdoor sunlight is the best.  


I've listed the items you'll need, along with the ‘links’ for you to purchase these items online.  Although, the ‘links’ I've included are to a certain item, you can purchase based on ‘your’ specific needs.  An example of this would be a full-size golf mat or larger net, instead of the smaller net and smaller mat I gave you ‘links’ to.  Also, you will need to keep the recording device very still and a tripod will be necessary.

Do Not Have Someone Hold The Recording Device For You


Items Needed:

STEPS .jpeg
  1. Smart Phone or Table:  iPhone and iPad work best 

  2. Smart Phone/Tablet Tripod: 'Click Here' or on Tripod photo above

  3. Golf Net: 'Click Here' or on Golf Net photo above

  4. Net & Mat Combo: 'Click Here' for Net & Mat Combo

  5. Mat and Ball Tray: 'Click Here' or on Mat and Ball Tray photo above


* The specific items above may be ‘sold out’ and your Google research may be required.

* You will need an 'adapter clip' for your smart phone or tablet (see 'Helpful Information - Google Searches' below)

App Store logo.jpeg

Your Next Step

V1 Golf Logo.png
V1 Golf Logo.png

Now, that you have the necessary items: tripod, net & mat, you now need to ‘download’ from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store the V1 Student App to your recording device (Smart Phone or Tablet).


With V1Sports, you have two options, V1 Golf App or V1 Golf Plus.  The V1 Golf App is ‘free’ and the V1 Golf Plus is a yearly subscription of $59.00 or $6.99 per month.


The main difference is the V1 Golf Plus @ $59.00 per year gives you a full library of PGA and LPGA golf swings for analysis and comparison purposes. The free V1 Golf App will only give you access to a few.  It’s like an appetizer instead of the main course.  


V1 Golf Helpful 'links'

Since, this might be brand-new for you, I wanted to help you out with navigating an understanding the V1 Golf App.  Below, are just a couple of topics in the form of ‘links’ to get you started. I would also recommend YouTube as a source for education.


Video Requirements


In order to get accurate information, as it relates to your golf swing and set up, it is critical that your recording device, Smart Phone or Tablet, is positioned correctly.  



*2 Swings:  Down the Line.  *2 Swings:  Face On and a *5 second Close Up of your Grip (hand position on the club)


Down The Line

Position your recording device in line and at the height of your hands.  Also, ensure that your camera is not too far away, but close enough to you for the club to be visible and ‘in frame’ throughout the swing.


Face On

Position your recording device at chest high and in line with the center of your body.  Also, ensure that your camera is not too far away, but close enough to you for the club to be visible and ‘in frame’ throughout the swing.


Grip 'Close Up'

Make sure the hand position is entirely in frame with a couple of inches above the top and bottom hand, as shown in photo.


Online Shopping
Online Shopping
  • There are two options for payment. The first is with a Debit or Credit card with the other being Venmo.

  • There are also two choices for Online Lessons 

  1. Single: Online Video Lesson @ $50.00

  2. Series of 3 @ $120.00

Payment with a Debit or Credit card is very easy.

  1. Click on the 'Pay Now' button and it will take you to the 'Pay with PayPal' page.

  2. Next, you will click the grey box at the bottom of the page: 'Pay with Debit or Cedit Card'.

  3. You will then fill out the 'PayPal Guest Checkout' page with your card information. 

  4. Last Step: Click blue box 'Pay Now' button at the bottom of the page.


Single: Online Video Lesson

  • 1 to 2 Voice Over Summary Videos

  • Each Video: 3-5 Minutes in Length

  • Training Excersises and Drill Demonstrations

  • Training Tool Recommendations

Single: Online Video Lesson


Teaching Photo 1.png

Series of 3: Online Video Lessons

Series of 3: Online Video Lessons


  • 1 to 2 Voice Over Summary Videos

  • Each Video: 3-5 Minutes in Length

  • Training Excersises and Drill Demonstrations

  • Training Tool Recommendations


Paying with Venmo

If you would like to pay through your

Venmo app, you can do so by looking me up with my username:


(no spaces)

Questions & Helpful Information
  • Q - Can I use remaining lessons left over from an existing 'Lesson Series'?
   No. Lessons from an existing package must be taken at Farmer Brown's Golf Center. 
  • Q - Instead of a net, can I hit foam golf balls at a park or field?
   Yes. You may risk being chased off the park or field, but if you have a tripod, that video footage will work.
  • Q - Can I have my short game be part of my 'Online Lesson', along with my swing?
  • Q - Can I have my 'Driver' be part of my 'Online Lesson'?
  Yes, as long as you have a 7-iron swing be part of your Online Lesson.
  • Q - Can I use a camcorder/video camera as my recording device?
  NO. You can only use a smart phone or tablet with the V1 app.
  • Q - Why didn't my transaction go through?
   You must make sure that your Wi-Fi has a strong signal. If you don't, you will receive a 'Sorry' message.
  • Information - Helpful 'Google' searches
  1. "tripod clip for smart phone"
  2. "tripod clip for tablet"
  3. "golf ball tray" 
  4. "golf cage"
  5. "golf net"
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