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Chris Johnston
PGA Golf Professional

"In Season" Lesson Rate

$ 89.00

* Video Included

* Ends May 1st 2023

- Single Lesson -

24 Stretch 'Golf Prep'

Chris Johnston

PGA Golf Professional

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New Jersey 


Teacher of the Year

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"Maximize your potential and accelerate your progress.  Let me help you master the fundamentals necessary to play your best golf!"

— Chris Johnston

PGA Golf Professional

TPI Golf Fitness Instructor

Golf club and ball


Alan B.

I've been taking lessons with Chris for 6 years.  At that time I was a 25 handicap and now I'm a 13 and hitting the ball longer and straighter.

Chris R.

I was shooting in the 120's....... Since training with Chris, my average is in the mid 90's!

James S.

Lowered my handicap from 24 to 14 and added almost 20 yards to each club. Lessons with Chris have changed my game tremendously.

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