Maximize your potential and accelerate your progress!  Let me help you MASTER the fundamentals necessary to playing your BEST golf!!!!


Chris Johnston

PGA Golf Professional

TPI Golf Fitness Instructor

James S

"My handicap went from 24 to 14 and I added almost 20 yards to each club. Lessons with Chris have changed my game tremendously!"

I am more consistent and have lowered my handicap from a 24 to a 14 and added almost 20 yards to each club.  My biggest weakness was off the tee, but with Chris' exercises and training tools, I have been able to eliminate my slice and now I am hitting the ball longer and straighter!

Steve D

"Just shot a legit 79 at Bey Lea Golf Club"

Dear Chris: Please begin patting yourself on the back as you read on...Just shot a Legit 79 at Bey Lea Golf Club...Best round before I took lessons with you was a 96.

Thanks Chris,

Steve D'Onofrio

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