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Video Work

Over the last couple of years, I have created several golf instruction videos.  Although they were created with different purposes in mind, if you take the time to view them, you will find that they are quite informative.  A sample of those videos, along with the 'links' is featured below.

"Racket Rotation Training System" To view this video, click on 'link' below:

At the conclusion of one of my New Jersey PGA section seminars, a long-time pro of 40 years asked if I could make him one of the training systems featured in the seminar. I was happy to do so and in addition, created a video for him. This video included training exercises to help him to get the most out of the Racket Rotation Training System.

"Two Plane Swing Trainer with Shaft Plane Board" To view this video, click on the 'link' below:

I in order to prepare for one of my seminars, I created this video as a way to showcase the features of the Two Plane Swing Trainer.

"Sea Island Summary" To view this video, click on the 'link' below:

This is a video of several of my golf training tools, I demonstrated to PGA Professionals; Todd Anderson, Mike Shannon, Gale Peterson, Mike Cook, and Director of Fitness, Randy Myers at the Sea Island Golf Performance Center in Georgia.  

"Release Noodle System" To view this video, click on the 'link' below:

A recent seminar I conducted for the New Jersey PGA section, featured 'Do-It-Yourself' golf training tools. This is a sample video of one of those training tools. 

"Coury: 'Over & Under"" To view this video, click on 'link' below:

In this video, "Coury" is featured, along with the results he made while using the Two Plane Swing Trainer with 'Shaft Plane Noodle".  

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