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Teaching Philosophy

Out of over 27 million golfers in the world, 80 percent cannot break 100! Many of those golfers have the potential to break 80 and shoot in the 70’s - so clearly, something is wrong!


Seeing a “Trained Professional”

Why do most golfers fall short of playing to their true potential? One of the reasons is they do not understand that the swing and game is built on Fundamentals. Some golfers believe that if they simply have the right “swing thought,” everything will be ‘ok.’  In fact, fundamentals are essential, and they need to be taught by a PGA Professional. It is not a “do it yourself” project.  Just as you would not build your own house, you should not build your own swing and game.

Building a Solid Foundation

The setup, consisting of the grip, posture, stance, ball position, alignment, and body balance make up your foundation.  Your swing is the structure. If you want to build a solid, repeatable swing consisting of proper body rotation, spine angle, weight shift, wrist cock, and release, with good balance, then you must invest the time in developing those “keys” in the setup, because they will “unlock” your true potential.


The Right “Tool” for the Job

Mechanics have their "big red toolbox" of tools to work on “everything under the hood.”  For over 30 years, I have been building tools to work on everything in the setup, swing, and short game, along with some that take care of those nasty swing faults.  I believe with the proper training tool, feel is accelerated with nobody misinterpretation.  The key to success is proper “feel,” and with the right training tool, success is guaranteed!


Having a Happy and Healthy “Mind Set”

I often say to my students, “you determine how good you will be, not me!”  After the first lesson or evaluation, I have a good idea of what the student's potential is and how good they can be.  The training exercises they receive during the lesson are medicine for a healthy swing, but the “medicine” needs to be taken on a regular basis and sometimes does not ‘taste’ so good. Change can be hard to swallow, but the belief you have in what you are doing is the key to your success!  Your “mindset” and being “happy” that you are heading in the right direction will make the “medicine” go down a little easier and soon enough, you will be better than ever! 


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