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Chris Johnston Biography



Chris has been a Golf Professional for over 35 years.  He started as an apprentice in the Canadian Professional Golfers Association, eventually becoming a fully certified class “A” CPGA Golf Professional. Chris has been a PGA of America Golf Professional for over 25 years and had the honor of being the 2018 New Jersey PGA Teacher of the Year award winner.


Innovation and Recognition


Chris has always been an innovative teacher who is very creative with his approach to developing the skills of his students.  It did not take long for his “teaching style” to be noticed when he began teaching in the United States.  This was evident by a Staten Island Advance newspaper article titled “Johnston a real pro when it comes to teaching.”  For a short time, Chris lived in Tampa, Florida.  With his ever-growing “tour bag” of game improvement training tools, he was noticed again by a local sportswriter and was again the subject of another article.


Nominations and Publications


Chris went back to the New York area after a couple of years in Florida.  Shortly after arriving back, he started work as the Lead Golf Instructor at Alpine Golf and Country Club in New Jersey. At that time, the Staten Island Advance newspaper wrote another article.  This time it was about Pro Slot, one of the inventions he patented.  While still working at Alpine, a writer for Golf Pro Magazine, a New York-based golf industry magazine, heard of Chris and wrote an article titled "Young Einstein" - that title says it all.

Alpine Days

Chris worked at Alpine Golf and Country Club from 1993 to 2000.  During his tenure, was nominated six times for New Jersey PGA Teacher of the Year and twice for Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers.  Although very busy with his teaching schedule, Chris found time to be a contributing editor for Golf Tips and Golf Illustrated magazines.  One of his articles was on how to build your own golf training tools for the "off season."  Another was titled “Tale of Two Planes” and was voted the best full swing article of the year for 2000 and was featured in the first Golf Tips: Instructional Annual.     


Chris has recently 'Given Back' to the New Jersey PGA section, by conducting two Educational Seminars (November 2014 & January 2015), helping his fellow golf professionals with their 'craft'.  He has also returned back to writing with three articles in Golf Tips magazine: "Use Your Noodle", "Clean Up Your Sand Shots", with his latest: "A-B-C's of Aiming with the 2-Minute Drill" appearing in the 'Best of 2015' year-end issue.  

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